Benchmark from Successful Ecommerce Websites and Implement Their Strategy

Successful Ecommerce Websites

There is nothing that sounds as appealing as running a business from your own couch, and ecommerce web solutions are something that allows you to do just that. However, if you thing that designing your website is like designing a blog or personal website, then you have another thing coming since ecommerce is a while other world. Since this is the replacement for an actual physical store, when working on the design you need to make sure that is resembles just that as much as possible. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, we have put together a list of a few ecommerce websites that are perfect for to take cues from.


A British- design watch brand witch Swiss engineering, this company has been able to earn the admiration and respect of thousands of people that appreciate a good quality, yet reasonably priced watch. When designing their website, they made sure to keep with the message that their brand carries throughout the entire ecommerce. Wherever you go on their site, you will find that everything brings the customers back to the explanation of what their watches represent and stand, while their product landing pages include very detailed description about each model they sell, shipping costs, return policy and more.


This is a London-based company that is dedicated to designing very comfortable, yet modern looking slippers. The company really values beauty, functionality and simplicity and all of these values are perfectly reflected onto their website. The company has managed to expand to 80% of the world’s operating countries where they have customers for their clothing catalog, and their ecommerce and the way that is set up is a huge part of that achievement. Since, as we mentioned before, their main product are their Portugal-manufactured sleepers, hey have made sure that customers are able to explore the different sets of colors they offer, while allowing them to learn about all of the things that make them so unique, and all of this in a very easy and simple way.

Father Rabbit

As a company that offers customer’s products from different areas like kitchen items, home décor, bay stuff, gardening tools, bedroom and bathroom décor and much more, they have had to figure out a way in which to present them all in a nice way on their website, which is why the people in charge opted for a very simplistic design. This type of design allows them to create a big navigation menu that also pinpoints all of the major categories of products they offer, along with the sub-categories, while using versatile typography lets them give the site an elegant touch with product pages that are filled with great visual content as well as text content that gives thorough explanations about the products you are interested in.

Something that all of these websites have in common is that their owners and designers have managed to put their products in the spotlight and in that way assure the success of their ecommerce. The customers are given the ability to focus on the products alone without any unnecessary distractions, which is the perfect way to have your ecommerce be successful.